Introduction to the Centre
¡¡Ningbo Dupute Liquid Chemical Electronic Transaction Centre Co., Ltd (Centre in brief below) was founded in Sep. 2005. It is the third party transaction platform that was jointly built by Shenzhen Feishang Group, Ningbo Zhenhai Liquid Chemical Products Transaction Market, Zhongshu Logistic Online Co., Ltd, Shili Science and Technology etc. mainly dealing with liquid chemical products electronic transaction and relevant service.

¡¡With the fast development of internet network and modern electronic business technique, the center, which uses advanced network safety products in the world and matching with some technique such as high strength data encrypting, ID attestation and so on, has builded a safe and reliant online transaction system with powerful function.
¡¡According to the national ¡°Bulk Stock Electronic Transaction Specification¡± and the principle of ¡°open, equality, fairness¡±.It has produced many flexible transaction molds, such as future transaction, order transaction and B/L transaction combining the characteristics of the liquid chemical market. Furthermore, it provides relevant chemical enterprises with newer, easier, more effective circulating channel of purchasing and selling of the goods. It accelerates the turnover of the capital, increases the transaction efficiency and reduces the business cost of relevant enterprises. At the same time, it ensures the rate of carrying out contract of the transaction parties through confidential system design and pushes the construction of the credit system of the market.

¡¡The centre has built and carried out the third professional party transaction platform ¡°China Liquid Chemical Transaction¡± ( which is based on the liquid chemical products transaction of the chemical enterprises in China and combined the unique geography position and resource advantages of the littoral. It guides the development orientation of enterprises of this industry from the traditional trading to electronic business through carrying out informative stratagem of liquid chemical products transaction to improve the transaction way together.
¡¡Based on the deep understanding of the situation of liquid chemical industry, as well as the sensible understanding of profound significance of liquid chemical electronic business development, the centre will conform with the market trend, service the market requirement, try hard to build a modern logistic supply chain of liquid chemical, in addition with liquid chemical production, circulation, consuming enterprises.

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